There are tons of ways to contribute to the project. The easiest thing to do to keep going projects: Leave response, give some feedback to the authors. If you like it or not let’s authors to know about you and your needs. But you should keep it constructive, especially, for negative comments to point some issues with it.

“Like”, “Star”, “Thumb”, “Post”, “Share”, “Comment” it! Be involved. Don’t be pathetic. The thing is the authors are people just like you. Any feedback helps authors to understand that people don’t uncaring about their children or beloved pets. It could make great job to boost faster growing communities around the projects and keeping them alive so.

  • Like it!
  • Report a bug.
  • Test it on your favorite Linux distribution and leave feedback.
  • Contribute with an idea, graphical content, translation or code an issue.
  • Enhance our documentation or knowledge base.
  • Share your knowledge, experience and review to help others and the project.
  • Support financially the project make a donation because it’s important and nice. We all want to have Open Source Projects like “Professional” proprietary ones.

Make the top list of any used by you projects and make some feedback today!